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Doug Goodkin is an internationally recognized Orff Schulwerk teacher. Recently retired from The San Francisco School where he taught music and movement to children between three years old and eighth grade for 45 years (1975-2020), he continues to regularly gives workshops for Orff Chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as presenting at State and National Conferences
Keith Terry (born November 22, 1951, in Waxahachie, Texas) is an American percussionist, rhythm dancer, and educator. He is best known for pioneering the art form, Body Music. He is a soloist and the ensemble director of Crosspulse, an Oakland, California-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and performance of rhythm-based intercultural music and dance.Crosspulse was founded by Terry with Debra Lloyd and Jim Hogan and produces dance and music works ranging in size from solos and duos to ensembles of one hundred performers, touring ambitious and logistically complex performances throughout the world. In addition, Crosspulse produces educational and outreach programs for children and adults and audio and video recordings and books, including "The Rhythm of Math."His teaching method has been praised by music educators, especially within the Orff system. In 2008, Terry was honored with a Guggenheim Fellowship.

We Are Beyond

Thus, every individual Choobak group member believes that it is his/her prophecy is to update children music teachers throughout representing valid and rich in content workshops and master classes in domestic and international aspects.

About Choobak

Choobak Children Music Institute, is specialized in in the field of children’s music and has constantly represented both domestically and Internationally events in this regard.

Choobak group members are dedicated to devote all of their passion toward gathering well-known children music teachers/speechers and other children music teachers/audience world-wide as we truly believe that music contributes to the vitality and quality of life throughout in an international scale.

We stop at nothing

Later on, in 2020, although there was no possibility of traveling due to pandemic, Choobak instuite did not let the stream of its passion toward learning and letting others to learn to stop, and organized another online/ virtual workshop one more time with Professor Robert Amchin and also invited an additional guest from Brazil Mr. Oira Col haan who shared the most updated experiences of him during this webinar.

We love to explore and learn

In 2021 Choobak music institute, represented its third International live webinar and this time Doug Goodkin and Keith Terry from USA were invited and Choobak team was honored to fully sponsor the webinar for three days of workshop and also provided the possibility to document the sessions for later use of other participants.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We admit that we can and we will do all our best to assist our participants and international community to update their knowledge in the Children Music realm and meet other children music teachers worldwide for better share of their knowledge.

We Keep It Simple

Proudly, Choobak institute is representing an upcoming international event in this year, 2022, during October 25-26-27 in the beautiful city of Istanbul which is the bridge between European countries and other countries such as Russia, USA, Iran, Turkey etc.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Choobak Music Institute has started to vast its activities internationally since year 2019 by inviting one of the most well-known persons in the field of Children Music, Professor Robert Amchin (the first and only PhD specialist in Children Music area) from USA; In this regard, Choobak institute was honored to represent a well-organized seminar in Istanbul, Turkey with providing an in-person attendance of the workshop. This workshop, was exclusively sponsored by Choobak Institute for the first time for Iranian community.

Why Choobak Children Music Institute

Choobak Children Music Institute have hosted Professors, teachers and instructors in the realm of Children music world widely and was honored to host many remarkable faces in this field in person for its Seminars/Webinars/ and off-line recorded children music documents; In this regard we suggest why should Children music teachers participate our international workshops:

Always considering convince of its guests (speechers and other teachers/participants) by booking and sponsoring workshops in five star hotels (seminar halls)
Creating the concept of “music village” and representing our identity as one unit family with this approach to build a better future for children of the world
Affordable costs of workshops in international scales
Providing a fully experienced based environment for its participants with the approach of providing literally WHATEVER it takes to represent the best of the best experiences for our children music community
Hosting famous and remarkable international faces in the field of Children music from all over the world
Organizing workshops in easy access locations like Istanbul, Turkey which is the heart of civilization and is a bridge between Europe and Asia and also hosts warmly any nationality with representing best transportation and accommodation suggestions for our guests

Who is the CEO of Choobak Institute

The CEO of Choobak Instittue Mr. Hamdi Reza Gholami, is a pioneer in representing international Children Music workshop outside Iran for Iranian community and is one of the most active members of organizing domestic workshops and masterclasses. He is, at the very first place, a famous and well-known Children music teacher in Iran who has years of experiences in this field and has insist on constant learning and sharing knowledge in domestic and international scopes. He is an author and has published books entitled note and B, Flute for children/ Flute and Tribe of notes for teaching lines and spaces and also Bambo which is a story to start a music class (all of them will soon be translated and published in English). He is a pianist and have the knowledge to play diverse music instruments